Humans & mediated technologies.

Add brand value ?wherever they intersect.

Break molds.

Differentiate in a markedly cognitive ? ⭐ way.

Psychology of Image.

Create meaning & influence with ?️ imagery.

Founded in 2005, Ruiz McPherson | Media is now parent company to several multidisciplinary endeavors spanning the breadth of media-centric expertise.

Our areas of focus now include:

Content Creation & Publishing

In addition to narrative development and thought leadership content authorship for clients, our very own publishing arm, Sirenella Press, is launching in 2021.

Behavioral Science for Integrative Strategies

We pair integrative, measurable, and optimized channel and platform strategies with media psychology-aligned sciences to further address audience motivation and behavior.

Creative Direction & Experience Design

Leveraging the power of semiotics, visual kinesics, and other classical design principals, we develop imagery and creatively innovative design assets that evoke emotion, inspire action, and uplift the human spirit.

Education & Training

Expand learning via our customized, media-centric training materials, courses, and educational sessions—spanning a variety of topics—for stakeholders, brand teams, and more.

Stay abreast of media psychology trends impacting brands & audiences

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