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Redirection for 2021: A new brand for new aspirations

If you find yourself here on this site or blog either from an old link or from a recent Google search and aren’t sure you found Ruiz McPherson Communications, I’d like to assure you that you indeed have.

However, if you know of me or have worked with me through my consulting practice (formerly Ruiz McPherson Communications or RMC) you may find yourself a bit confused as to the different brand name and website you see here, now Ruiz McPherson | Media.

If so, please know you are NOT confused 🙂 and that what you see here now (and what you don’t see any longer) are purposeful changes. Meaning — you won’t really find any of those digital strategy-types of services or contents here as much as before (although you can still find them, on a smaller scale, right over here).

Here’s why:

… because while integrative, multichannel marketing, experience design, social media strategy, and visual storytelling have been at the core of my consulting offerings since 2005, they are no longer my primary focus.

And why is that?

Specifically since 2017 — and increasingly so with each passing year — I’ve been leaning far more towards the realm of immersive mediated technologies, human psychology, and the social sciences.

Reasons for change

My reasons for shifting my professional direction are many, but can broadly be summarized by the following key points:

  • Marketing providers today are a dime a dozen.
    Marketing agencies, digital marketing consultants, digital agencies, and the like are far more ubiquitous today than they were, say, 10 years ago.
  • Moreover, marketing tasks are becoming more and more automated.
    As marketing and advertising technologies become more sophisticated, many related tasks or processes have since become automated (and/or are becoming more automated). This doesn’t negate the need for marketing and creative people of course, but continued developments in martech/adtech are cropping the marketing landscape back from what it once used to be.
  • Organizations are either eliminating their chief marketing roles or are dramatically changing them into accountability roles.
    In either case, my interests in these realms have significantly waned after 25 years in the marketing communications and advertising industries.

Regarding the latter point

So the deal on the last bullet above is that, at their crux, marketing processes, advertising investments, and the technologies in place to support them, generally seek to promote an idea, product, or service usually in the hopes of commercial gain(s).

In this quest for growing revenues, however, it’s been hard for me to both professionally and personally ignore — over the past 3-5 years in particular — the growing and egregious abuses of marketing and advertising technologies, specifically in terms of privacy violations and consumer manipulations, for starters.

Moreover, the very same marketing processes and advertising technologies have now transcended well beyond the bounds of commercial interests and, today, impact civic society at many levels and even threaten the stability of our democracy at large.

So what now?

What the above all boils down to, both for me and potentially for you if you were seeking me out for consulting, is that I’m no longer as interested in working with commercial-only brands or projects as I once was.

Now as a media psychologist, my interests have significantly shifted and I long to support opportunities that advocate for digital literacy, combat misinformation/disinformation campaigns, and protect society and democracy from pervasive, manipulative technologies.

This means that my focus on professional collaborations has also shifted towards working with community-based organizations, media outlets, and public agencies devoted to protecting society and upholding democracy through the use of technology-responsible solutions.

In closing

This change in direction hasn’t happened overnight; instead, it’s been one meticulously crafted over the past 3-5 years and has required significant academic and monetary investments to make a reality. This includes both a master’s (completed in 2019) and a doctoral degree (currently in progress) in Media Psychology, with a focus on:

  • Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement (which I do still write about on occasion but not as often as I used to)
  • Positive Psychology and Media (which I focus more about over on my other website)
  • Social Impact of Mobile Media and Immersive Technology (which is the main focus of this blog)

I’m excited to plunge ahead and look forward to this new chapter and challenging frontier!

Thank you for being here,

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA
Media Psychologist & Technology Ethicist

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