Media Psychology

Uncovering media's influence on human behavior

What is media psychology?

Media psychology is a relatively new field of study and niche area of psychology that seeks to understand the interaction of human behavior, media, and technology and the increasing integration of mediated technologies across society.

The field heavily overlaps psychology and neuroscience with other disciplines such as:

  • media studies
  • communication science
  • anthropology
  • education
  • and sociology.

As a media psychologist,

… I’m constantly curious about how people think and feel about today’s media-saturated world.

My interest in this field was influenced by my many years working as a digital marketing consultant.

Across digital strategy leadership experiences spanning two decades, I concluded that digital marketing mainly focuses on what I call “optimization endlessness,” a state of never-ending tweaks to marketing technology integrations, processes, and systems across platforms and channels to:

  • improve the likelihood of relevant and more efficient user experiences; and
  • glean and analyze data points (generated from user actions) to learn where new optimizations should or can occur along the marketing funnel.

The missing piece

Despite its best intentions, the endless churn of digital marketing’s optimizations and data point reviews can never fully reveal the true motivations, inspirations, aspirations, moods, or emotions behind a user’s action or behaviors.

This is where media psychology comes in.

3 things to know about media psychology


Media psychology seeks to identify and understand how conscious and unconscious drivers compel us to consume, produce and distribute information across all media technologies. Such learnings allow us to better predict human behavior and technological impact.

Psychological Impact

By understanding the psychological impact of human interaction with media technologies, I can help people adjust to the rapid pace of technological progress, and encourage the positive development (and use) of media and technology.

Ideal outcomes

My ultimate goal as a media psychologist is to see individuals (and organizations) not only maximize their technology and media experiences but to also leverage such tools and platforms so that they may heighten efficiencies, achieve outcomes, and improve the totality of their lives.