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Facilitating meaningful human-to-technology intersections

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

As an emerging media psychologist, I’m an advocate for human-centeredness in today’s technology-laden and media-saturated landscape.

This means I actively seek to improve how users and mediated technologies come together to engage and influence behavior across media platforms.


(Lifted from recommendation letters for entry into the Media Psychology PhD program at Fielding Graduate University)

Mayra was one of my top students at Fielding; her essays are sharp, clear and always demonstrate that she completed her reading and research. As her Capstone stone advisor, which she completed in record time, Mayra delivered a very impressive paper and media presentation on the rise of visuals in social media. In my 6 years of graduate teaching, I have rarely seen a student as bright as Mayra. She is pleasant to work with, always wants to exceed expectations, has a strong passion for Media Psychology, and can communicate her ideas with superb writing and impressive visuals.

Adjunct Faculty, Media Psychology
Fielding Graduate University

| CEO, SalesBrain

| Winner of 3 Great Mind Awards from the ARF (2015, 2014, 2011)

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| Author: several Neuromarketing books

Mayra’s performance has been consistently solid. She is earnest, creative and determined. This was particularly apparent when we were discussing the different ways that narrative can be used to engage and persuade across different technology platforms. She has an excellent ability to translate narrative using the strengths of different media into a cohesive marketing campaign, target core motivations to engage an audience, and build a strategy for long-term success.

Faculty | Media Psychology
Fielding Graduate University

| Lead Faculty
Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement
Positive Media Psychology

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| PsychologyToday blog: Positively Media

| Author: Exploring Positive Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is media psychology?

This is a loaded question 🙂 and one I’ve attempted to answer in various parts:

  • What is media psychology?
    Here are the very basics.
  • The history of media psychology:
    How it all began
  • Media Psychology:
    Curated Explanations from ’round the Web

Why is media psychology needed today?

Once you understand what media psychology is and how its evolved over the past 20-some years, then it becomes easier to grasp just how and why this practice is needed in today’s media-immersive climate.

What's the difference between marketing and media psychology?

Understanding the differences between “marketing” and “media psychology” is vital, particularily when there seems to be — at least on the immediate surface — some overlap.

Learn how media psychology can help your organization.